May 27, 2010


Just 11 days until I leave for Uganda!

I'll be departing for my thesis adventures June 7th (arriving in Entebbe June 9th- woo 12 hour layovers in Dubai). Looking ahead, the weather should be a sunny 76*F every day around Entebbe.

My research will take place at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. This sanctuary for rescued chimps was established in 1998 by the Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT). The island is divided into two parts, a forest reserved for a chimps and a research area where I'll be living and conducting behavioral studies. The community of around 50 individuals roams through the jungle during the day, returning to the human area of the island for supplementary feedings and to sleep in comfy hammocks at night. I will most likely be working with the youngest members of the group studying play behavior.

Check out the pictures below for an idea of what the place looks like. I'll post my own pictures of it after I arrive